Updating hp mediasmart

HP also shipped a Control Center application for desktops that connected to the server; this software provided a three-pane view to virtually all of the server's features.

Last year, HP sold two Media Smart Server products, the ex470, and the ex475.By pushing the RAM all the way up to 2 GB, you have a server that will stand the test of time.(This is doubly important because the tiny HP form factor makes it hard to manually upgrade the RAM yourself.) OK, so the new Media Smart Servers are future-proof, or at least as future-proof as you can be in this rapidly improving market.In the first generation Media Smart Servers, HP added a nice Media Smart Server tab to the WHS management console.This provides a friendly front-end to commonly-needed server tasks, like remote access and add-in management, as well as HP-specific tools, and even an LED brightness control for the box's external lights.Second, HP makes it obvious what tasks you need to complete to have a fully-functioning home server, something that's missing in a default WHS install.


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