Most intimidating football uniforms

The Carolina Panthers chose silver helmets, but paired them with black jerseys, drawing a short-lived lawsuit from Davis.

And those were just the expansion and relocation teams.

Among established teams, the Atlanta Falcons switched from red helmets to black.

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The other part is that after Davis switched the road jerseys from silver numerals to black ones, so the numbers would show up on film, the Raiders never messed with their own uniform.The rest of the league, if it wants to sell jerseys, is better off focusing on Davis' commandment to "Just win, baby." Enough with history and symbolism, Brian: What did you see this weekend that explained the on-field winners?There is no denying the pride in a school's football program.The Kansas University football program late Tuesday night released yet another new-look uniform which will be worn during the upcoming season.The uniform, dubbed Crimson Chrome features red pants, red jerseys, a red helmet (complete with a chrome face mask) with a huge Jayhawk head on the top and side and chrome numbers, letters and Jayhawks dotting the look.Like Mao and Steve Jobs, the Raiders boss was a master of iconography.


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