Importance of updating files

For example, a customization involving how a product is named will likely require updates to the collection template, product template, cart template and possibly more.

All of these customizations, in turn, may need custom CSS and Liquid code written plus any modifications for responsive views and exceptions.

Even themes that make use of the updater app can still benefit from having a log.

The following parts of your store should be safe, though this may vary slightly based on your store settings and third party apps: However, it’s worth noting again that any custom code snippets or file assets will need to be manually copied over and then re-incorporated into the theme.

You may also consider only applying selected theme updates to your store.

It helps to take a moment to think about the purpose of the online profile picture before you change yours. Don't worry too much about the identity of these other people; assume it's everyone, from your professors, to your students, to your present and future bosses, to your investment broker.Each of these could then, in turn, require responsive CSS coding.Unfortunately, many customizations also require updates to multiple theme files.If a potential employer is looking for you online and sees the same photo of you on your blog that she sees on a professional or academic site related to your field of work, it confirms that you're active in your field.If, like me, you have a common first and last name, your image goes a long way towards confirming who you are.You can, however, still customize your theme and make upgrading easier by following the tips in a previous blog post on this topic or this support article.


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