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Three days later, armed with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a .38 handgun and a folding knife, he strolled into the restaurant and headed toward the back, where children were playing ping-pong.As waitstaff went table to table, whispering to customers to get out, Welch maneuvered into the restaurant's kitchen. He whipped open another door and found an employee bringing in fresh pizza dough.

Campbell said yes, she set up the Facebook account, but it was hacked two or three years ago.

Campbell used the same profile picture as "Carmen Katz" on Facebook – that is, the same snapshot of the same cat.

For more than 20 years, a 60-year-old attorney named Cynthia Campbell has practiced law out of her bungalow-style home in Joplin.

An earlier questioner asked how metal blades in wet shavers lost their sharpness so easily on human hair.

One answer said that alternating blades in a razor made each one last longer than if left in place until they became blunt.


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