Internet dating monogamy

Once I struck the right balance between all three apps, I was almost never short of an attractive, interesting person to go on a date with whenever I felt like it.

I took out my phone and put a flattering selfie on Instagram.

If you’re not already familiar, imagine: you’ve got in your pocket at all times a more-or-less infinite resource of single people, any one of whom could be the next person you fall in love with.

The constant awareness of them all became too much, just waiting there day and night for me to talk to them, and then meet them, and then fall in love with them, and then..then?

I first started using Tinder about a year ago, shortly after someone I was in love with left the country.

Our relationship was messy and incoherent and not-really-a-relationship, but none of that makes much material difference when you’re in love. Half of why I decided to try online dating was to clearly mark out that I had become single – really-single.


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